Izzie came to Yorkshire Cat Rescue after her owner could no longer care for her at the age of 16. When older cats come to us we often find they stay with us for a long time as people can be hesistant to offer an older cat a home.

Thankfully a lovely lady fell in love with Izzie and decided to take her home. She also adopted another older gent called Tommy who is now 18. Izzie and Tommy were an inseperable duo and loved nothing more than to cuddle up together.

Sadly Izzie passed away at the grand age of 19 leaving behind her best friend and mummy. Here is what she had to say.

"Me and Tom are missing her very much but I’m so glad we had her for the time we did, lovely lady. Izzie. 30/9/02-15/1/22, adopted from YCR aged 17.

Bonded cats sleeping together at Yorkshire Cat Rescue