We have recently entered into a partnership with Tippaws to provide food for our cats and kittens! They aim to help make cats purr whether that's through a healthy and nutritious diet, or providing insights on how to help your cats live their best life. They also donate a proportion of our sales to cat rescues in the UK. 

Their delicious dry food caters for adult cats, neutered cats and kittens. Made from 70% real meat or fish, and with added prebiotics for gut health, Tippaws complete dry food is LOVED by cats. They have four delicious recipes that were developed with feline nutritionists so have all the goodness your cat needs to be happy and healthy. 

Ginger cat and tippaws

Our cats have been loving Tippaws so far!! If you fancy giving them a go you can have a look on the website below and maybe even place an order. 

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