This is Sally and Silver. We know these pictures are quite upsetting and distressing, but we feel it is important to share them to highlight the importance of neutering cats. Both kittens were found by a member of the public who had noticed them in her garden and we rescued them a few days apart. A few days later two more kittens were found - Roxy and Tyson. The person who found them had been feeding their mummy in her garden, unaware that somewhere nearby she had kittens. Mummy-cat won't be stroked - she has never been tamed.

All kittens have severe cases of cat flu which is why their eyes are completely glued shut and covered in discharge. We, with the help of a vet, have done all we can to clean their eyes and noses to help the little babies breathe better. But we do not know what the impact of this untreated cat flu will be.

Sally is currently blind and it's possible she could be for life - her best prognosis is "limited vision". All we can do is wait and see how they both progress, but this is why we make sure every cat/kitten is neutered before leaving us. The consequences of leaving cats to give birth and have litter after litter after litter of sickly unwanted wild kittens is devastating, putting so much pressure and work on rescues like us, not to mention the pain and suffering for the cats and kittens themselves.

Just getting one of these kittens into rescue, checked and then taken to a foster home took 8 hours of work as everything is taking so much longer with the current pandemic.

There may well be more kittens - we have had to ask someone to set traps to catch any as they are unhandled so will be scared of humans, and as well as the mummy cat there is another adult, probably a kitten from a previous litter. We will trap the adults and get them neutered with the help of local rescuers. The lady who first found the cats will welcome them back into her garden - a place they know. 

Sally and the kittens are now being looked after by one of our fosters and we are pleased to say they are all eating on their own! They still have a long way to go before they are fully fit, and we hope by sharing this story it can highlight just how important it is to get your cats neutered. 

Poorly kitten with cat flu at Yorkshire Cat Rescue        

                           Sally who has severe Cat Flu