Here is what Lily's mum had to say.... "At the beginning of lockdown we saw a feature on the news about a man running a marathon distance round his garden after the London Marathon was cancelled... Lily decided she’d like to do the same round our field (not all in one go, but a couple of miles a day.) She loves running and is in the school cross country club - I on the other hand absolutely hate running and wouldn’t normally so much as break into a trot unless something pretty scary was chasing me  but in a moment of madness I agreed to do it with her... We got to our target of a marathon distance within a couple of weeks, but with no end to lock down and no hope of schools reopening anytime soon, we decided to keep going and do another marathon. After that one we still kept going and tentatively mentioned trying to get to 100miles.... We had to move out of the field and start running on the local roads as our bumpy field was killing my ankles! But we also realised that we could cover more miles more quickly out on the roads.

By the time we got to 75 miles we knew we could do it, so we asked our family and friends if they would sponsor us to raise money for a couple of local charities (yourselves being one of them!) We hit our 100 mile target on Monday (101.7 actually!) and have been collecting the money in over the last few days.

People have been incredibly generous and we’re really excited to be able to hand over a decent amount of money to both charities, and it’s really thanks to Lily - I could have given up so many times, but Lily was like a machine! Last week on one of our runs she fell and cut both her knees, an arm and bent a thumb right back - she was in floods of tears but still insisted on running the rest of the way because she didn’t want to let the cats and the poorly people down...."

Over £690 has been raised with half coming to YCR! We couldn't do this without you Lily and we are sure Manorlands will be in awe of your determination just as much as we are. Thank you again!! 

A fundraiser for Yorkshire Cat Rescue