We always get a large number of cats and kittens coming to us as strays and most of them are from Bradford. In recent years we have seen an increase in numbers coming from that area (particularly BD8, BD7, BG5 & BD3) where cats have been left to fight on the streets, breed out of control and die from untreated illnesses and starvation. 

One women Paula Thoma who lives in Bradford is doing all she can daily to help the stranded cats and find homes and rescues who will take them in. We are one of those rescues who works with Paula to ensure we can provide a safe space for the cats she saves. Just this week Paula came to us desperately needing space for 3 cats and 7 kittens. One of the cats had already had one litter, but was pregnant again. 

We booked out one of our cat care assistants for most of the afternoon to health check and do the admin work for the cats which took a couple of hours. Thankfully none of the cats are in any serious condition and the most health care they need is to be neutered, micro chipped, and vaccinated. We now have a duty of care to provide foster homes for the kittens and their mummy who is pregnant and to find homes for the others so they can live a life as a cat should! 

If Paula and ourselves hadn't been able to get these cats and kittens they would have spent the rest of their lives having multiple litters, health issues and a struggle to find food and shelter. The neutering problem in the Bradford area is starting to become a huge issue. Rescues everywhere are struggling to cope with the demand and we are all trying to encourage neutering cats where ever possible. 

Please, please neuter your animals! 


Mummy cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue