Every year we have a large number of strays handed into our staff at our centre. Despite doing our best to educate people on micro-chipping there still seems to be a large stray cat population.  Just recently we have been given two fabulous cats MC Hammer & Father Toad. 

Both cats were found wandering the streets and were handed into a local vet who contacted us to see if we were able to help. Thankfully we had room and both MC Hammer and Father Toad were welcomed with open arms! 

Fluffy tabby and white cat

Both cats have settled in well so far and we will be checking them and making sure that neither cat has any underlying health issues. They will be vaccinated, treated for flea and worms and most importantly neutered!! 

We are so glad there are kind people out there  who handed the cats in and that we can step in and help. Once we know more about MC Hammer & Father Toad and each of their stray holds are up they will be advertised for adoption. 🐾