A handsome black cat called Whiskey was brought into our care by some concerned people after they found him wandering the streets of Oakworth. The person who found him was allergic to cats so couldn't take him in so decided to bring him to us to see if we could scan him for a microchip. 

We scanned Whiskey and found out he was 17 years old! Thankfully because he was chipped and the details were up to date we were able to contact his owners who confirmed they were missing their cat for two days and managed to reunite them all together. Whiskey and his hoomans live in Shipley so we have no idea how he got all the way to Oakworth!

Without a microchip we would have had no way of getting in touch with the owners to let them know. This story highlights just how important it is to microchip your animals and keep the details up to date. ❤

Black cat found by Yorkshire Cat Rescue