Handsome Harvey

This is Harvey. Harvey was a cat who came to us very confused and loud! After taking him to the vets we found out he had a small benign brain tumour. This explained a lot of his behaviour and even though he was adopted out his new owners could not cope with him and  his health took a turn for the worse. After more vet trips and tests we were told Harvey only had a couple of months left to live. In these cases when a cat is terminally ill we decide to send them out to long term foster where they can spend the rest of their days receiving 'fospice care' and lots of love and attention. Harvey was sent out to a lovely lady called Sofia and he seemed to settle in really well with her. We received monthly bulletins from Sofia about Harvey with tails of him talking and shouting loudly at her, his adventures, and how they celebrated birthdays and special milestones together. Harvey was a very determined puss and he long outlived his prognosis. Sadly the time came where he could go no longer battle on, as his legs started to buckle due to the tumour and the vets also found lumps on his body. Harvey was put to sleep after out living his prognosis by two and a half years. He is now buried in Sofia's garden next to the magnolia tree and a red lily has been planted over his grave. Harvey was a real character and we know he will have made such a difference to Sofia's life, as she did to his. 

Tabby and white cat from Yorkshire Cat Rescue

O'Malley the Alley Cat

O'Malley the alley cat came to us  after being found living in bins in the middle of Bradford. He had matted fur, a bad case of cat flu and he also had very sore mouth and gums (with no teeth!) After taking him to our vets they told us he had had severe gingivitis in the past which is why his teeth were removed. The gingivitis was still present and was causing him a little pain so they gave us medication.  O'Malley was ready to be re-homed, but sadly lock down happened and we decided that he was too stressed to spend a long time at the centre. OM went to a foster home and whilst he eventually settled numerous vet trips were made as he started to have issues with his jaw - sometimes it would lock and it would cause him pain and to not eat. They slowly started to get this under control and his foster dad said how much gelled with him saying "two mature men together eating clotted cream and scones and my tuna sandwiches!" We did manage to get OM out and adopted eventually, but this wasn't meant to be as OM stopped eating again and a vet trip showed he was in massive pain and he also tested positive for Felv (feline leukemia virus). It was decided again in this case because OM had this diagnosis and pain with his mouth he would need fospice care as well. The fospice care went well for a few days, but it wasn't long before OM became very poorly and also incontinent. It was decided in his best interests for him to be put to sleep and OM passed away peacefully with his foster parents by his side. Everybody who saw OM on social media loved him and we all rooted for him to have his happy ending. We hope we did our best for him and showed him what it was like to be loved. 

Ginger cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Rest in peace you beautiful boys - you gave it your all! Have fun playing together over the rainbow bridge. xx