Kitten season hasn't officially started yet, but for us we are already starting to see and hear about more and more kittens who need our help. On this occasion a woman got in touch to tell us about a young cat and three babies who had been left out on the streets with no home to go to. 

The woman who brought them to us was actually petrified of cats, but did an amazing job to help them despite her own fears. The cats are now in our care and the newborns are just the sweetest!!! Baby kittens always make us very excited so we are constantly popping in to see them. Mum is very sweet and affectionate too and is looking after her babies well. 

It's only a short stop here for them though as mum and babies will be going out to foster home where they can learn to play, have some socialising and just live like cats should! When the babies are big and strong (around 10 weeks) they will all come back to us ready to find their furever homes and we can't wait to see how much they have grown... 

Mummy cat and new born kittens at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Mummy and babies at feeding time. Not long after taking this photo mum rolled around and started purring. We think she will make a fantastic companion when she is ready!