These two lovely girls came into our care yesterday. They are part of a multicat household which we are helping to sort after the owner passed away. The females are all young cats (around 10 months old) and are most likely pregnant. They came in covered in fleas and have signs of worms too. We are due to receive their 3 brothers tomorrow,  and these boys will most likely be the dads to the unborn kittens.

Inbreeding amongst older kittens is very common as females can reach sexual maturity from 4 to 5 months old and males from around 6 months. This is another reminder of why we need to promote neutering from a young age, especially in multicat households. Pregnancy in kittens / young cats often comes with higher risks so we are glad to say they won't be having anymore babies after this! 

These types of cases are not uncommon and we often receive calls about young pregnant cats and strays. We are just glad we can do our bit and ensure these cats do not have to go through it again. 

Young cat from a multicat household at Yorkshire Cat Rescue