Scared cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue Relaxed cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue  

This is Molly! Molly isn't based at the centre as she was extremely stressed here and spent her entire time hiding. It was decided that the best thing for her would be to go out to a foster home where there is no other animals, or little children so she could gain confidence and show her true purrrsonality!

On the left is what she was like when she was with us, on the right is a photo recently taken by her foster mummy a few months later. This process has taken months to achieve but we wanted to show you all how Molly has progressed and what she would end up being like in your home once she is settled and has been given the time to come round.

If you would like to take on what we call a "project cat" then please get in touch! Molly has been in her foster home for a while now, but we would love to find her a furrever home.