I have always loved cats, but never thought about fostering until I saw a Facebook post from YCR asking if anyone could give two sweet old ladies a home. I knew I had to help them and Mo & Elsie came into my life. The idea of giving these two sweeties a home and caring for them really touched me and soon they were part of the family. Mo needed thyroid medication, which wasn't a problem to deal with, but Elsie had a growth on her liver and after 9 months she deteriorated and she died peacefully in my arms.  That is the difficult part of fospice care, having to say goodbye. The easy part is looking after them, loving them and making their lives happy. Earlier this year, YCR asked me to give a home to Boris, who is part of the same family as Mo. So he joined my little gang just before the first lockdown. Sadly the poor boy didn't have an easy time. He had a brain lesion and suffered from fits and seizures. The lesion  destroyed one of his optic nerves and a detached retina in his other eye also made him completely blind. He adjusted to it well, but was very frail. Mo spent her days cuddling him and I was always around to pick him up when he needed it. Sadly Boris crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago. He went downhill very rapidly and we both knew his time had come. I have so many happy memories of him, his days would be off to a bad start without at least three breakfasts and treats on demand. Mo will miss her snuggle buddy. Run free lovely boy.
Ginger cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue
Looking after these elderly cats is so rewarding and I love looking after them. They give me such a lot too and I hope that my fospice has it's residents for a long time to come. Without the support from the wonderful people at YCR this wouldn't be possible.