Miss Maude lived to be 21 and had an amazing life with her parents Liz & David. This is a tribute to her written by Liz. RIP sweet girl.

"Miss Maude – we gave her the Miss title as both David and I have strong theatre connections and it’s a title used in theatre. Miss Maude was my soulmate, my rock and my best friend. Described by Neil, the vet who cared for her as “such a character and such a tough cookie”.

Maude was the first cat I had got from a rescue centre – all my other cats and my mothers over the years had just walked in and decided to stay as part of the family to the end of their lives – we even had kittens born in the lounge and kept them.hen Rosie passed I knew we had to have another girlie cat to keep the balance with the two boys. I looked on line and found Yorkshire Cat Rescue and I was smitten and overcome by the work they did.

We chose Maude in 2017. There had been little interest in her she had been in the centre for three months but I knew she was for me. Unlike her photo she was a tiny scrawny girl but grew into a real beautiful diva.

She was 15 and had some medical conditions but these all disappeared and within weeks she was without medication and on normal food – that is what love can do for you.She adapted very well and loved to go out in the summer and sit in the garden in the sun. She was a great tree climber right up until the last few months of her life. She had her meals on top of my oak sideboard in the dining room with kitchen roll over her mat. She would pull the kitchen roll over her food when she’d had enough and sometimes if I forgot and left the roll nearby she would unravel the lot.

She loved pink – a girlie colour pink blankets were her favourite and we even bought her a pink tinsel Christmas tree. Maude spent a lot of time on my bed and would sleep on the pillow. When I was ill after a fall she never left me and when a houseguest was ill she looked after him too.

But what I miss her most for is the fact she was always there when I was getting ready in particular for an event. I’d get outfits out and often ask her which I should wear.  She loved to watch me putting my make upbon and I would often ask her had I too much lippy or eyeshadow on! Call me a crazy cat lady I don’t mind! She loved it when David came home on leave and would make such a fuss of him and sleep on his pillow not mine.

In late August she was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in her mouth. I gave her palliative care and during the last week of her life I never went to bed. I sat up in the chair just having catnaps.Her friend, although they were not bosom buddies  Arni is missing her so much. He used to keep an eye on her when she was ill and he’s really missing her- even though I tell him he’ll have a new friend from YCR very soon.

Maude brought such joy into our lives – for me she was like no other. I miss her so."