Milly Johnson to sum up in a few words is an international novelist, poet, after-dinner speaker, professional joke writer, script-writer, columnist, cruise correspondent, short-story writer, winner of Come Dine With Me and last but not least patron of our charity!! 

Milly writes fantastic novels and is VERY VERY funny. Recently she has been trying her hand at stand up and poetry and she has written a book of very funny (adult) poems called 'A Cat Shaped Space' to raise money for us. The book has gone down really well with our supporters and is definitely worth a read. You can buy the book on our website. 

Recently given the hard and difficult times ahead Milly has recorded a little video for us which you should give a watch below! Thank you for all your support Milly. We honestly couldn't ask for a better patron. 

You can read more about Milly on her website.

YCR xx