Look at these gorgeous ginger kittens and their mummy Marsha! Marsha came to us just before the lock down and was sent out to foster as a heavily pregnant cat. A few days later (the day after we were put into lock down to be precise) she started having contractions and it's like she knew we needed a pick me up! 

Marsha gave birth to 5 gorgeous ginger nut babies all the same color which is going to be fun for the foster mummy!!! The little ones are all doing really well at 2 weeks old and are currently chunks weighing in at 259-330g! These kittens will spend the next 6 weeks in foster and will be put up on our website available for adoption at 8 weeks old. During this time they cannot be reserved and can only be reserved when they are advertised on the web page. 

Depending on how the lock down goes we will hopefully be able to adopt them out at this time, otherwise they will have to spend a little more time in the foster home! We love seeing the kittens and how they grow as it really brightens your day and we can't wait to see what they look like when they are ready to be adopted out.  

Ginger cat and kittens

Here are the kittens just a few hours old!!!