Cold autumn winds are keeping me indoors (apart from little excursions for a taste of pondwater) . They remind me of my years living on the streets, and I shiver a bit...

But before that I had a home, and I was so happy there, but I was brave and strong and loved getting into scrapes, and one day I couldn't get back, or it had moved or something, but it was summer, and I was young, and I thought 'I'lll get back soon', but summer turned to autumn and I was still on the streets, but I did o.k., held my own, was the 'cat that walked alone', and that was my life, for more years than I care to remember.

But time waits for no cat. and the mice had began to grow faster, and scarcer, the winters colder, the new cats more disrespectful, and though I'm not the friendliest of cats, some people were looking out for me, and feeding me. But last winter I really felt it in my bones, my back legs grown stiff, so that I'm dragging them a bit, feeling gone in my tail, (though I can still see it, if I turn round quick).

I wasn't too happy being caught up, and put in a pen, I thought it was the end, all alone behind bars, but, here I am, in a home again after all these years, remembering all those old skills: doors, stairs (a bit wobbly, easier up than down) cat flap (get your head and front legs through, and drag the rest) and even letting my new folk pet me a bit, (I'm a bit wary, but it's good to feel touch..)

love Igor