Igor Here!
A bit nippy out, and its making my legs a bit stiff, but hope springs eternal, and the autumns beautiful, but what I'm really enjoying is the variety of cat-beds that are scattered around, and I've got to try them all! (well the ones on ground level, anyway, my climbing days are over, though I do get on the garden bench unaided - actually I do most everything unaided because I'll scratch and gum you for your troubles!)
A great favourite is the pillow next to my foster Mum's "Workstation", but even there, liberties can occur! For instance, I've woken to find myself being groomed! definitely a contravention of the Geneva Convention!, and she's even clipped my most gnarly claw! well, quite glad of that really...
Lastly, I don't want you thinking I've gone all hippy due to my 'summer of love' , but I do like to snack on what t' hoomans are having, and lately I've been having some 'kefir', delicious! Next thing they'll be having me sleeping in a yurt, no doubt!
Until next time.. 
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