I'm the strong, silent type, generally. If I want something, you'll find me bunting, nudging you with my head, or in extremes, I wave my paw a bit. But last sunday breakfast, I was quite perky, and really looking forward to it, and, well you'll never guess what, I seemed to 'find my voice!' The hoomans said it was more like quacking! little querulous yelps, 'mraow! mraow!' but I told them! 'breakfast! now! please!' I said, and got it, sharpish...

I was so happy I played with a duck! (a tiny yellow bath-duck, Prudences I believe....)

Well, since then, I've used my new found voice quite a bit, this morning I yelped at the cat-flap, as Puzzle (an enigma, they say) was nervously trying to decide whether it was worth trying to dash past me (I only tapped him) and I reprised my 'Breakfast! Now! Look sharp!' speech, And it worked a charm

love Igor