I was merely investigating the empty derelict space, that once held a dishwasher, but is now full of shoes, and temptingly next-door to, the under-sink bin, where lurked the glorious bones and bits of the half-chicken that we'd been fed earlier, but as everyone knows, the best bit of chicken is what you can righteously scavenge from the bin hours after.

So I thought of all those old heist films, based on my dashing younger self, where the cunning jewel thieves move in next-door like, to the bank, or in this case, the bin... Now I was merely casing the joint, when I was apprehended, just gently trying to force the door, and to be fair, my Fosters were delighted and impressed that I'm still thinking of misdeeds and escapades. Still it would have been a glorious heist, but I'm not dwelling on that, I've a few new plans that might work out, and little Prudence is keen to offer her youthful assistance, so, hopefully you'll hear about us on the news, or this blog , at least,

bye for now, Igor