Igor Here,

No yurt yet, thank god, still favour a regular round cat bed, from which vantage point, i like to watch Prudence play, occasionally i'll paw the ribbon as they say, but as i say, these days its good to watch my feisty adopted neice turn forward rolls and somersaults. She is, as they say, a caution.

Still going out to drink outdoors water, but its sometimes a bit slippy, and my stiff legs don't go through the cat flap like they used to.

Now, as a rule, I don't much enjoy being touched, a little bunting, head-butting as it were, is ok to say hello, but generally, if you take too long with fuss, i'll gum and gouge you a little, BUT, since i'm spending more time on cushions by fires, near people, I've discovered that I do love my chin stroked, and stretch my head out for my foster 'Mum's' neck fuss. I might not be around forever, and though I'm no lap cat, I think these bonds we forge through every day touch are maybe theonly real thing in this everchanging world.... look at me all philosophical, O well, til next week, Igor.