As ever; sorry for not writing more often, but I'm busy as ever, keeping warm, getting confused, I forget where I am, but I'm not too upset, more bemused,   When in doubt, yowl a bit and someone will let me know what's happening.  I'm either getting more tolerant, or slower, or both, but I really seem to like fuss more, and the other cats.  Partially, at least, my diminished grumpiness is due to 'Solensia', the wonder-drug that was given me at the Vets (I was very good, the Hoomans worry a little that because I'm not backward about coming forward with my strongly held (and correct) views on how I should be treated, that I'll be even more strident 'off home ground' as it were. But I'm not, as long as Foster Mum's around telling me its O.K. I'm compliant and good as gold, eager to get it all done, back in the carrier and 'home'!
Now I know I'm not supposed to understand, but they seem to be pretty concerned with my floppy, unhealing, zero-sensation tail, and the need to maybe get shot of it, once-and-for-all. There is apparently some big bad poison there that may get to the real me from it.  I'm not that bothered as I'm not really attached to my tail,  although I suppose in a way I am and that's the problem.  They are in talks it appears and there's mumblings of my blood pressure, but, whatever will be, will be.  I shall keep doing my solensia spins!  Thanks to this arthritis drug I can get under people's feet like a young-un. Now let's hope spring hurries up with a little warmth for old bones!
Love Igor