Well, it's getting nippy out, and my all day outdoor dozing days seem over (for this year!) but all's not grim, as the 'fosterers' have only gone and got me a 'season of mists and mellow fruitfullness' (thats autumn, between you and me) themed Cat Bed!

Now they may have one or another of the 'other' cats that share my space (I can't count 'em, they keep morphing into each other) in mind, but, as 'Senior Cat', I have to try all new feline stuff out, to check it's o.k. for the less experienced cats that I try and keep in line, but I digress.....where was I?

Ahh, my new bed, just right to face the rigours of winter in, fully camoflaged, Full Metal Igor, reporting for duty!

Love Igor, X