Sorry for the non appearance of this blog, but with us oldsters, no news is often good news, means 'more of the same'; soaking up the golden rays, napping and eating. But I do try to spruce myself a bit, a shallow stretch, wash my old boat-race, even tried a bit of that "eating grass for the digestion" lark, 'tho turns out it was Shallots I was eating, so I'll give that a miss for now.

Now I mentioned sprucing, but truth to tell, there are whole regions of myself (everything behind my shoulders) that are lost to me in terms of cleaning, and have become clumpy and matted, and thats how I've ended up being scalped by foster-Mum, who has some nifty clippers. Now, of course, I can't knowingly alllow this clipping, however much it's "for my own good", but Mum bribes me with some good food, and while I'm wolfing it, she surreptitiously starts shaving off the worst/choicest chunks. Well, what with it still being warm, I can think of worse fates than this 'scalping', even if it means I end up a bit 'a-patchy'!

Love Igor x