Still here and loving the sun! Like a permanent vacation, every morning I'm out snoozing before breakfast. I love my new walled garden, but it's often a full-time job moving snooze spots to follow the sun (and by midday, when it's hot, finding the best shade.) But whats made lounging even more joyful has been the arrival of my all new fully washable waterproof deeply upholstered outdoor Igor Bed! it's beautiful, brings a tear to my eye to think theres folk that just want an old gent like myself to be able to rest his bones in such comfort. I think of all the times I had it hard, and the young ones today living that claw to mouth life, I'd just like to know, I like to think that some of them, like me, will get to curl up and snooze in the sun, on a bed, in a place thats theirs. Thank you!

Love Igor