Alls well! I'm just getting through this fresh spring, possibly the BEST EVER!, as food tastes so good and the sun feels amazing on my old bones. My lust for life continues undiminished, and my appetites are strong, long after the kids have finshed breakfast, I'm still roaming, finshing off their leftovers, spoiled you see.... but old Igor knows, if you don't have it quick, either someone else will, or it'll mysteriously disappear. Now it's true that this year I'm wobblier than ever, and my hindquarters are a bit un co-operative, specially when I have to drag them through the cat-flap, and although I do a very short stretch, and lick my wrists everyday, proper grooming is a thing of the past, so my flanks are a bit matted, and my fur comes away in clumps. Oh how 'Mum' would love to give me a goood comb...but NOT ON MY WATCH MADAM! I say: allow an old Gentleman a little scruffy comfort, and I do allow head rubs, and I sometimes venture upstairs, to be a little sociable (and a little play with the catnnip mouse!)

Phew! it's tired me just remembering all the stuff I do! So here's to every day, and hopes of a golden summer, but really hopes aren't worth as much todays joys, let's enjoy them whilst we can!

Love, Igor