Our 'gourmet' 'dad', only went and had had wigeon breasts for supper at t' pub the other night, and of course brought 'em mostly home, for us real gourmets to gourmandize on. Now, during the sharing of this delicacy, there was a bit of a hiatus, you might say, and 'dad' having gone offs somewhere, a whole breast was nabbed by Puzzle, an enigma wrapped in a question, if you get my meaning. Well, I think this was probably the biggest food heist this lad had ever carried out, right nervy he is anyhows, and it didn't take much persuasion, just a bit if a lurch in his direction, to have him drop the widgeon, right in front of yours truly, just like he'd fetched it for me, and I didn't hang around of course, delicious!

Now, sorry to be a bit of a one-track pony, but; chicken again! and joy, another of those skittish lads, Nemo, went and fished the delicious remains out of the bin, thanks I said, and relieved him of it. It was a bit tough work with only gums, but I think I acquitted myself well.

Pondwater? Tastes better than that fresh stuff in bowls, even when its cold I'm still hauling myself out for my daily drink of it! Until next time... 

Cats from Yorkshire Cat Rescue