Well I've not been venturing out much from my lair under the sideboard, what with all this Easterly beast raging around us, I do so long for spring, and a bit of sun on my old bones..But the Fosterers do try, with a bit of the old 'enviromental enrichment', which is fancy-talk for ringing the changes, and moving around the cat furniture...

Which leads me to the fateful morning when I found the 'cake' in my breakfast room. It is, for the uniniated, a kind of circular platform made of rolled up corrugated cardboard (I guess this is the new sustainable ecological materials), anyhow, it looked a little unforgiving, but I thought i'd give it a go, and voila! my new bed, I love it, and crucially, I'm not old Igor out-of-the-loop anymore, stuck off out of the way. No, now I can monitor the kitchen, and any food preparing thats going on, and if it smells interesting, I'll go and ask for some.

And I've been finding my voice, or new noises to make anyhow. My standard 'asking-for-tea' mode is a kind of bark, a quick yowl, if you will. But the Foster's have been delighted by me adding a few chatty chirrups to the mix; of course I don't want to confuse them; the message is the same: 'Tea! Hurry up! we've not got all day!' but sometimes you have to finesse your methods, a little variety goes a long way!

Love Igor