Now this is one of those aspects of my new lodgings, that I wasn't too sure about. At christmas there was a ripple of excitement amongst those more excitable cats that dash around following whatever new craze or madness, and it was down to the arrival of a couple of swathes of diaphonous floaty stuff, 'from bombay' came the hushed whispers. You see what they do, the younger cats, they burrow, and pounce, and hide under it, and dance in it and all sorts. Well, not my kind of thing. This winter I've been pretty exclusively hanging round the kitchen or in my cat bed under the sideboard. But to be sociable, and prove I can still do the stairs, I've lately gone up to the first floor, to have a sociable nap, and thats where the toys and this material is, and well, there's prudences raccoon (a dog toy really...) making it seem quite cozy, So that's how I end up looking like a christmas cracker! Seems like its still not too late to try new things (in moderation, as ever. 
Love Igor.