New year: same old Igor

* Keep other cats in line: even if I can't remember 'em all, and some of them seem to blend together a little.... (excluding little Prudence, who basically could (and will) get away with literal murder if I'm the presiding Judge...)

* Steal: steak, chicken, fish.... delicacies are the basic rights of old folks who fought in territorial disputes, while you lot were safe in bed no doubt.

* Drink: finest english pondwater (when not frozen...) for it is a tonic in every way.

* Hold tight, and wait for summer: heaters are nice, but to warm my old bones in the sun again, that would be the Bee's knees, the very cherry on the cake, so I'm conserving my energies, sleeping, dreaming and full of quiet hope for (at least) one more summer.

* and most importantly: Never Change! to be the same Old Igor as ever; and, to be a rock and not to roll!