We are so gutted to have had to postpone or cancel so many of our upcoming fundraising events, but we know the well being of others matters so much more. As we are now going to run at a loss we have had to come up with some other ways of boosting our income and here's some of our ideas!

Last week we made a start and held our first ever online raffle which went really well and we even managed to raise over £500! We are planning on doing more raffles and auctions so please head over to our Facebook page @YorkshireCatRescue to find out more. We also have our on going lottery so please do sign up to this if you can. The more lines you play, the bigger chance you have at winning the big cash prize of £25,000!

We also did a big appeal which was launched on our website and sent out to numerous local papers. If you haven't had chance to donate yet we would really appreciate it and every penny counts to help us get through this difficult period.

We are hoping to plan more things so for more information keep an eye on our website and social media. 

Also, if you have any ideas on other ways we can raise money please let us know! 


YCR xx