Every so often we will hear stories about extremely kind and generous people who have gone out of their way to do something so nice for us and it really makes us realise just how important our work and feline friends are! 

This time round we heard from one of our fosters Nat about a group of ladies from the Beeches residential home who have been using up all their wool to knit blankets for our kitties. They did this specifically for the cats in our care and it meant so much that Nat went there to pick it up herself and brought along one of her foster kittens Danuta for the ladies to meet!

 Ginger foster kitten at Yorkshire Cat RescueThe ladies told Nat stories about all the cats they had in the past, and said how much they missed having an animal now they are in the home. It saddens us that more cannot be done to take animals to people like this who would really benefit from it, but sadly we just don't have the man power. 

Thankfully though, someone else stepped in and after seeing us post about the ladies kindness Kelcliffe Cattery decided to donate a robotic cat to them, which has proven to provide comfort and support to the elderly and those affected by dementia as well. While it isn't an actual cat it is the next best thing and we really hope it makes a difference!

Thanks to these amazing ladies we now have plenty of blankets to keep us going through the cold winter and this will help our cats and kittens to stay all snug and warm!