This is Gizmo and he is around 5 months old. He came to us with Ringworm. Ringworm is a very contagious disease that spreads quickly among cats so poor Gizmo is sadly having to stay in quarantine. Ringworm can also be difficult to get rid of so he will be with us for a while while having treatment, which is so sad.

Gizmo came to us after being found without a home living in a feral colony in the Bradford area. Unfortunately there are lots of stray cats and kittens living like this and we are getting calls and emails daily to help them all. We are doing our best to help the cats we can and Gizmo is just the start!

He is utterly adorable and despite being from a feral colony, is super friendly. Gizmo won't be ready for adoption for a long time until he is clear of ringworm and when he is he will be advertised on our website. We know he will make the right perspon very happy!