We are hearing more and more about orphan kittens being found. No mummy cat in site and we just don't know what's going on! This past week or so we have taken in one single kitten Little Spud who was found by a roadside and another two kittens who were found and handed into a vet. 

Little Spud is being hand reared by one of our fosterers as he is quite poorly and we don't want to risk him catching/passing on anything to a mum and others in the litter. Every day and night is critical as kittens can go downhill fast at this age. He is stable at the moment though and his foster mummy is doing an amazing job with him. 

Black and white kitten

The other two kittens do not have names yet and have been given to a mummy cat out in foster where she is trying to feed them and has even cleaned them a little! We have everything crossed they will be able to feed off her okay as she has other kittens who are a little older than them. 

Orphan kitten

Rescue is tough but we are hoping all these babies will have long happy lives ahead of them.