Every year with the help of one of our wonderful fosters Linda and her army of knitters we have been selling Easter chicks filled with a yummy creme egg in our shops and centre! The eggs only cost £2 and each year we have managed to sell more and more. We started selling these delightful eggs way back at the beginning of the year to get a head start, little did we know how much of a good idea this was!

Sadly as Covid-19 took over and we had to close our doors to the public the selling of the eggs came to a standstill. Only now have we managed to rescue the abandoned Easter chicks from shops, vets, estate agents, play gyms and hairdressers to figure out what our final total was! In the end the total we managed to raise was £1,020 which is amazing considering how many weeks of sales we missed out on! 

We need to say a big thank you to Linda and everyone involved with the making of the chicks, as well as to everyone who bought or sold some. Also to the supermarkets and the individuals who bought packets of yummy eggs for us to use! 

We are desperate already for new recruits who can help by knitting the basic body shape so that they can then be given the ‘YCR hair do ‘ and sewn up. At least a 1000 will be needed by December, if we are to repeat this year’s success. If anyone is interested please let us know by sending us an email! We have the patterns all ready for you....