When Dollie first arrived to that new home, she was hoping to make great friends with the resident feline Pontus. Her new hooman was very excited for them both to have a companion, and loves both her cats very much, so was keen to make it work!

At first though, Pontus wasn't too thrilled about his new housemate. This is quite normal - cats don't like change all that much. At adoption, our rehomers talked Dollie's new hooman through the process of introducing them, and her hooman set to work to make the house a great place for both cats. A few weeks later, we received another call saying it didn't seem to be working, Pontus just couldn't stand Dollie, and they wouldn't go within a few metres of each other. Our rehomers gave as much advice as possible, and scheduled a follow up call to see if anything was helping.

Over the next few weeks there were slight improvements, but the two cats still didn't seem to get on well. They had seemed to decide between themselves that Pontus would have the bedroom, and Dollie would have the living room, and their hooman would just have to split her time between the two of them. Luckily, they had a wonderful hooman who was willing to do that for them, and would be very patient with them while she waited for them to make better friends. After another few weeks we gave as much advice as we could think of, and some of it did seem to help a little, but sometimes the best cure is time and patience!

Pontus & Dollie would constantly hiss and growl at each other which can obviously be very stressful for both the cats and their owner, but this has now reduced considerably so the whole household is a lot calmer and we could not be happier!

A few days ago Dollie and Pontus's hooman sent this beautiful photo to us, which was such a relief to see, that the two cats are now happy to spend time together. Their hooman said this - "I never thought I would see the day! Things are so much better now, thank goodness. They're not best friends, but they're accepting each other more and acting more normal. They even use each others trays and go to each others food bowls. I'm assuming that can only be a good sign. It is the best New Years present I could have ever hoped for."

After adoption we are always happy to see updates on how cats are doing in their new homes, and we're also happy to give any advice that you feel you might need. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email, and we'll do our best to help however we can.