We received a call over the weekend from a man in Keighley who had found a mum and 5 kittens living in a broken down car in the yard at his workplace and asked if we could help. Normally we wouldn't go out to trap and catch them ourselves but he was in need of moving the car which would mean disturbing the cats and they didn't look in very good health from the photos he sent to us so we got loaded up with carriers and went down.

After a lot of clambering around amongst all sorts... we managed to get 4 out of 5 kittens safely into carriers. They will now be put out to foster homes for bravery training and some well needed TLC and hopefully we will be able to go for the last kitten when it is seen again. Sadly mum is a feral cat so we will not be able to take her. We have passed details onto the man who contacted us to try and get her neutered so at least  she won't have anymore babies.

We are so happy that these kittens will be able to grow up in a safe and warm loving home now.