Chloe came to me in a sorry state, very scared, thin and matted. It took her a few weeks to appear from under the bed, but once she did she never looked back. 

After a full MOT at the vets (and a true 'lockdown' haircut) it was diagnosed that Chloe had kindey failure, later confirmed as late stage. My fourth foster cat, I wasn't expecting to be her foster daddy until the end, but took the decision that the stress for her would be unbearable to have to move to another home, and I love having her around.

She is settled here and we have a  very strong bond, always by my side. She is wary of visitors, and hates being left alone. It is a privilege to be able to provide her with a safe and happy final destination. I had a cat of my own who died young and unexpectedly last year, so knowing Chloes prognosis is not sad - it is an opportunity to make the most of the time she has left.

She does not let her age or illness get her down. A majestic lady, she plays like a kitten, eats like a teenager, and tries her best to maintain her glorious floofy locks. Though a little help is needed from the mini-scissor fairy that visits whilst she's sleeping!

Chloe is on a special renal diet, which puts minimal stress on her poorly kindeys, but she is also indulged with treats of fresh fish and meats, as I'm sure we would all like to be at the end of life.

Likes: Sticking her tongue out in defiance, rubbing long black hairs on the carpets.

Dislikes: Inferior upholstery fabrics.

Favourite Places: Waiting by the fridge, kitty sauna in the boiling cupboard.

Sports: Fishing (rod toy), volleyball (giant cotton wool).

Party Tricks: Standing on hind legs for chicken.

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