We are heartbroken to tell you all that Chicken Noodle sadly passed away not long after being re-homed. We managed to cure his FIP after he completed a course of medication, but sadly all the illnesses he suffered as a kitten took a toll on him and were too much for his body to cope with. We did everything we could, but heartbreakingly our little fighter didn't make it. 😿
Thanks to the treatment he had we were able to adopt Chicken Noodle out to a loving home with an owner who adored him and re-named him Noodles. He became a happy, playful kitten who loved snuggles. 
Black kitten having cuddles adopted from Yorkshire Cat Rescue
Our only wish is that they could have had longer together, but in the end Noodles got to experience what we want for every cat. A home of their own. To be loved.
So many of you followed his journey and donated to his appeal to help him get better and we couldn't be more grateful for that.
Rest in peace baby boy ❤🌈