Sadie is a cat that came into our care as sadly her owners could no longer keep her. She is a beautiful sweet natured cat and when she first came to us she was happy with having lots of fuss, attention and dreamies! Sadly she quickly became very unhappy at our centre and was redirecting her frustrations to anyone who was going into her pen. We were previously told that she does not like other cats and could lash out at people because of it so we knew this was the cause of her sudden change in behaviour.

As part of our 'Cat Friendly Rehoming' guidelines, our Cat Care team assess each cat at our centre daily to colour code them according to a 'Traffic Light System' that assess's the stress and coping levels of cats in a cattery environment. Poor Sadie quickly became a 'red' cat that indicates a cat is not coping at our cattery and so actions needs to be taken. We were then able to quickly source a lovely, quiet foster home where she settled in within minutes and is doing absolutely fine now! She still has her sass occassionally if she sees a neighbourhood cat but overall Sadie is so much happier in a home envioronment and is now enjoying the princess lifestyle until she finds her furever home!