This sweet shy girl is Tilly who came to Yorkshire Cat Rescue a few days ago. Tilly was left at a Vets4Pets car park in a cat carrier. When the staff left for the night there was nothing there, but in the morning they noticed the carrier. We don't know at what point during the night she had been left there.

She was extremely scared when she came in (understandably so) and is still very scared a few days later. She tends to spend most of her time hiding either in her fort, or in the carrier in her pen block. She has been placed in one of our quiet blocks to reduce stress and we have managed to have some slow blinks off her. 

She is eating which is good, but she is still so frightened. We are not 100% sure what the plan will be but we may look into placing her in a foster home. We just don't want to cause any further stress.

Tabby cat hiding

We will do everything we can to turn things around for cats like Tilly. 💕