Bertie has settled in like he’s always been here, he’s just an absolute poppet. He loves the kids, our resident cats and even the dog. We also call him our kitchen cat as he spends his whole time in there, watching the washing up, 'helping' cook, sleeping on his heat mat, the tablet, the middle of the floor and his favourite stools. He loves to sleep almost as much as he loves to watch the little red light on the washing machine. He also loves to eat, a lot!

Bertie is one of the sweetest animals I have ever met and such a gentle soul. We're all smitten. I asked the kids to describe him and they came up with 'kind, sweet, loving, calm, very very funny and just the right kind of weird'. Bertie seems so happy to have a family of his own after spending such a long time on the streets and we are delighted to have him be part of ours. Despite him having liver failure he is doing great at the moment and we hope it will stay this way for some time to come. We really enjoy having him here.