Bandit came into our lives on Thursday 10th December.  He was dropped off by Colin in his pale blue cat carrier with plenty of hand knitted blankets. Squashed into the back we left him alone so that he could decide to come out when he felt confident enough. After a good while he popped his nose out to have something to eat and eventually ventured out to have a wander around. We saw straight away that he swing his head around in a wonderful Stevie Wonder impersonation.The next day after a day at work whilst our daughter was in self isolation from school constantly telling is what he done or not done we came home.  I decided to pull him out of his carrier.  What a decision.  He was so happy to have a cuddle, he curled up in a tiny ball on my knee quite content.  I think that is when I fell in love with him. We have traumas though.  He had to go to the vets to have an operation on his eyes as they were liable to infections. Blind from birth due to congenital reasons or not having the cat flu vaccines a kitten we'll never know, the operation to remove what was left of his eyes was the best thing. We spent what seemed like hours waiting for him to be brought 'home'.  We found out later that he'd had to stay at the vets longer because he was 'naughty' and wouldn't keep a collar on to protect the stitches.  We spent a stressful evening with anxious cat trying and failing to stop him scratching his eyes (he pulled two stitches out that night I'm sure)  Although his eyes looked dreadful, red, sore and scabby when we visited the vet they said he was doing well. When he eventually revisited the vets to have his stitches removed they said how well he was doing and what a good boy he was!  It is now 1st February and Bandit is not only one year old today but the most gorgeous little boy imaginable.  He is sweet and gentle, loves cuddles and playing.   He is adventurous and gets himself into little situations such as climbing into the bath (empty) and not being able to climb out.  He runs to us every morning, delighted to 'see' us again.  He follows our daughter everywhere. Even our 'cool' university son has acknowledged he is cute.  He snuggles up with my husband every evening just before bedtime and gets him to play silly games on the floor with him.  Me?  I just sit down and have this gorgeous little boy meow and climb up onto me knee for a cuddle.  Has our fostering failed?  Of course it has as we adopted Bandit last week just before his first birthday.  He might not have had a wonderful first year but we will do all we can to make the rest if his life good.  We are so pleased that we decided to become foster carers with Yorjshire Cat Rescue and do intend to continue to foster in the future. Of yes and we are in touch with Dobby, his brother who is also blind, and his new family. Happy Birthday Bandit and Dobby.