I'm Amanda and I am a foster for Yorkshire Cat Rescue. I have cats of my own, 3 of which I fostered then adopted from YCR. One of them, Bella was semi feral and now absolutely loves kisses. My eldest cat Mr Smudge died last year, he was 21.

I am quite crafty and like to make bits and bobs for YCR's fundraising stalls. I also grow my own catnip it's the best in Yorkshire! I have fostered for nearly 4 years and in that time have had 100+ cats and kittens through our spare bedroom.

My most recent foster cat was an old lady who we called Mia, she couldn't see and couldn't hear and we knew she didn't have long. She was only with us a short time but I'm sure she felt our love. We are so grateful that YCR could help keep her safe.

Knowing that YCR will treat any cat/kitten regardless of age, condition or circumstance really goes a long way for me. Every life really does matter to them.

YCR are a smashing bunch, I always feel supported and valued, they really appreciate the work that fosterers do for them. The more fosterers they have the more cats they can help.

Fostering saves lives, you can make a difference🐾