Earlier this week we took in 6 cats after their owner had become over run and was struggling to cope. The cats had all been living in a multi cat household and some of them were given hardly any handling as kittens. This has left a couple of them almost feral and with every cat being indoor only this is going to make it very difficult for us to re-home them. 

The owner did everything they could to keep the cats, but in the end it got too much and this is why we stepped in to help and ensure the cats got the care they needed. Taking in this many cats in one go is no easy feat, and it requires booking out one of our Cat Care Assistants for the whole day to ensure each cat is health checked and all the relevant paperwork is completed. 

This leaves us one Cat Care Assistant down and the other has to ensure all the walk-in customers are dealt with and any adoptions are taken care of as well.  Running a rescue centre is never a straightforward job and on days like this we rely heavily on our volunteers to ensure simple things like cleaning the cat pens are done. 

We have no idea what the future will hold for the cats who are almost feral, but we will do everything we can to try and find them the right home. The others shouldn't be too difficult,  but as they are very shy they will need people to give them the time and patience to come round. We never give up on any healthy cat and will do everything we can to give them the life they deserve! 

Scared cats at Yorkshire Cat Rescue  Scared tabby cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue