Bella is about 14 years old and was handed in as a stray. No one claimed her.

She has some lesions on her legs and feet that have been diagnosed as eosinophilic lesions that will come and go for the rest of her life.  They don't seem to cause her any discomfort but they bleed so they have to be kept clean so that they don't become infected.

She also has some issues with her gut and certain levels within her bloods that can indicate some forms of cancer, but without full diagnosis and very extensive invasive tests the vets cannot be sure of this.

We decided to put Bella into Long Term Foster Care as she is in her twilight years and we can not be sure if she has cancer or not, we could do biopsy's but these would be very invasive and if confirmed as cancer there wouldn't be much we could do for her other than what we are doing now.  

Don't be mistaken though as she is a tough cookie! She's a very happy and loving cat and has settled very well in her foster home and LOVES her foster mummy.

Virtually adopt Bella

Elderly tortoiseshell cat requiring virtual adoption at Yorkshire Cat Rescue