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Poorly cat feet at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Lovely Andre came to us as his owner could not look after him anymore. He was however a very much loved pusscat. We noticed that this little guy had very swollen feet, causing him lots of pain and making it hard for him to walk. We rushed him straight to the vets to find out what was going on. The vets told us he has pododermatitis, which means that his feet swell up and that his pads are very soft, so he struggles to walk. The vets also discovered that Andre is FIV positive which leaves him vulnerable to infection, and that he has a heart murmur. On top of all that the poor boy doesn't have a tail!

At Yorkshire Cat Rescue we are now managing Andre's multiple health issues. We give him ongoing medication to help his feet become less swollen and sore, and we will be ensuring that he goes to a pet free indoor home to reduce his risk of contracting infection. 

This is where you come in, as we really need your donations to help us pay for the ongoing vet bills to ensure Andre is not in any pain, and that he and other cats can live the life they deserve. 

Every penny you donate will really make a difference to Andre and other cats like him. Please donate now and tell all your friends about Andre. 

Thank you!