The small team of staff at the centre comprises:

Sara, founder who deals with the overall management of the charity.

Sam, Head of Cat Care and Rebecca, Megan, Catherine and Cathryn, Cat Care Assistants who take care of the cats on a daily basis, making sure all the cats have the appropriate level of care and veterinary treatment.  Sam is also volunteer coordinator.  You will meet the Cat Care team if you bring a cat to our centre or if you adopt a cat.

Lucie and Lucy (Team Lucyie), Rescue Coordinators who manage cat movements in and out of the centre, put cats up for adoption when they're ready, answer all the emails and Facebook messages and some of the phone calls.  They also deal with any queries about the centre.

Hayley, Communications Assistant who deals with communications (including social media).

Adrian, Accounts Assistant who manages all the bill payments and counts the takings.

Nic and Jo, our fundraisers who generate lots of money to pay all those horrid bills.