The small team of staff at the centre comprises - 

Lynn - who is our new CEO, she took over in January 2023, bringing new and exciting ideas and ways of working to the charity.

Lucie - our Operations/Centre Manager who overseas the team, works on our partnerships, manages the volunteers at the centre and does lots of other important jobs.  

Becca - is the Cat Care and Rehoming Supervisor, who makes sure the team are trained in all aspects of welfare and keeps our practices up to date. She speaks directly with our vets and works with all of our complicated cat cases to make sure we do the right thing for the cats in every situation.

Alyssa, Becky, Emma, Emily, Lucy and Rory - are all Cat Care and Rehoming Assistants, they deal with all our intakes and adoptions at the centre as well as working with our external fosterers.

Hayley - is our Communications Assistant who deals with all communications including social media and helps all the other departments out behind the scenes.

Jennifer - Works with our accountancy company to make sure the day to day bookkeeping is kept up to date and the charity bills are paid.

Nic & Jo - our fundraisers who generate lots of money to pay all those horrid bills, they work with our charity partners, organise events and approach Trusts and Foundations on our behalf.

Tracy - Who looks after some of the admin that goes on behind the scenes and supports all our other departments.

And finally Sara, our wonderful founder who has now retired but will always be part of this Charity and an inspiration to all of us.