What does a Receptionist Volunteer do?

Our receptionist volunteers are the front line when people contact us asking for help. The sooner they can get the right information they need the sooner cats can be helped. They answer calls and respond to emails from members of the public and then advise them on what Yorkshire Cat Rescue can do to help. If the person is requesting to bring a cat in for rehoming then the volunteer inputs their details onto our database.  If they are speaking to someone who is interested in a cat they will speak to them about adoption and how to reserve a cat. Following training they will be confident to answer most queries but they will always have a member of staff to liaise with if they are unsure of what advice to give. 

What’s involved?

  • Providing information about Yorkshire Cat Rescue, what the charity does and how it can help people and cats
  • Liaising with other volunteers and staff in the team
  • Offering guidance about cats needs where appropriate
  • Signposting enquiries to other teams if needed
  • Updating our database with information received from calls
  • Performing other admin tasks such as sending letters and inputting other information into the database (optional)

What skills are needed to do this role?

  • Good listening and communication skills
  • A relaxed, calm and empathetic manner
  • Computer literate and comfortable with learning our database system

Due to the nature of this role we would ask only people 18 years and over to apply

Why should you become a Receptionist Volunteer?

Receptionist volunteers provide a significant contribution to the work that Yorkshire Cat Rescue does. It is not the cats that come to us for help but the people who are concerned about them. As soon as we can speak to them we can help the cat they are worried about.  Our receptionist volunteers are also able to give much needed advice to people struggling with their own cats or unowned cats that they know. Our receptionist volunteers are at the forefront of getting more cats into new homes, getting more cats neutered, more lost cats reunited and the lives of cats happier. You will learn a lot about cats, their behaviour and an insight into cat rescue. You will also meet new people and be part of a dedicated and friendly team of volunteers. 

When do we need receptionists?

Our phone lines are open from 1pm to 4pm. Our receptionist volunteers will be answering the phone during those hours in the week and can help us respond to emails in-between calls. Some of our phone volunteers prefer to volunteer for a set day each week and some fill in when we have a vacant shift. We are currently looking for volunteers that can help on Sundays. 

Additional information

Yorkshire Cat Rescue welcomes and values its volunteers. They help us make a difference to the lives of cats when they need it most. To ensure our volunteers feel happy and supported we provide support through an induction and training. There are always friendly and approachable staff members on site that will assist volunteers in everything they do. 

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