Trustee vacancies

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is seeking up to two professional individuals to join its board of trustees. The current trustee board has individuals with legal, accountancy and volunteering backgrounds, and is now seeking new trustees with expertise in fundraising and/or marketing.


Yorkshire Cat Rescue is a regional charity operating a rehoming service for stray and unwanted cats and kittens.  The charity has a no-kill policy. The cats are accommodated at the charity’s centre and in the homes of volunteer fosterers which are situated across Yorkshire and beyond.  

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is self-funded with no central support.  The charity relies heavily on donations, fundraising and its four charity shops and it needs to market its activities to gain support and new homes.


Trustees are expected to attend regular board meetings - usually every 10-12 weeks - and to attend the charity’s AGM, which usually takes place immediately prior to a board meeting.  Meetings take place in Keighley, West Yorkshire.  Trustees are involved in planning the charity’s strategic future, making decisions about the course the charity will take and utilising their expertise for the benefit of the charity.  Trustees are also responsible for ensuring that Yorkshire Cat Rescue is accountable to its stakeholders, as well as to the Charity Commission and the general public.

This document gives general guidance for trustees.


Please send your cv to Mrs Sara Atkinson at [email protected] along with a covering letter explaining why you would like to become a trustee and detailing the skills and experience you could bring to the role.  Candidates will be asked to attend an interview at a trustee meeting prior to being offered a role.