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Some of the cats that come through our doors are sadly those that have a very limited lifespan, because they have a terminal condition, or are very old.  As we don't want these cats to spend any more of the precious time they have left in our cattery we put them into 'fospice', that is hospice care with one of our foster carers. For as long as they have a quality of life - due to their age or illness - we know that being with our loving foster carers is the best place for them to spend their last days. Please help us to cover the costs of our fospice cats' medical treatment and care. It really will make a huge difference to their lives. At the moment we have 2 cats in fospice care. 


Fospice cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue 

Sebby is 16 and came to us after her owner had passed away. We have been to the vets with her so many times after noticing she was unwell and we later found out she was in stage 2 of kidney disease. Sebby is also 16 and with around a years prognosis we decided it would be best for her to stay in fospice. She is currently coping well in her fospice home and is a happy girl. We have had issues with getting her to eat as she is quite fussy! We are just so glad that she can spend her final months or even years with us in a happy home receiving the best fospice care. 


Old black cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Sooty is 18 years old, deaf and has stage 2 kidney failure. However that doesn't stop her from bringing out her playful side! Due to her age and her illness she has been placed in a fospice home where she will spend the rest of her twilight years.

We hope any future fospice cats have many more happy times in their foster homes and we at YCR are committed to their care until it is the right time to say goodbye.  The love and comfort our fospice foster carers give to these cats is priceless and we are happy to pay for everything that they need. It is a small part of what we do as a re-homing centre, but it means so much to these very special cats. 
By sponsoring a fospice cat you will be helping us to pay for their care, and also helping us to do this for other precious cats in the future.
Thank you and big purrs from Sebby & Sooty.